Repair and Service all fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment Repairs & Service

Does your equipment require servicing or repairs? Book with us today.

We will come to you and perform a product inspection to determine the problem.

If your equipment experiences any malfunction or requires servicing to tune your equipment to factory settings, you can book a service or repair by calling us directly on (09) 281 3541 or 021 525 360.

Keep your expensive investment operating at its peak. While we can assist you when it is beyond your expertise, you can keep it running longer and better by keeping it clean and dry.

Adjust components as per the manufacturer’s recommendation and keep it lubricated – read the manual for information on this.

Are you experiencing any of these common fitness equipment problems?

  • Display cutting out or non operational
  • Treadmill belt ‘slipping’ while you walk or run
  • Unusual noises or smells from equipment
  • Treadmill console is operational but the belt is not moving
  • No power to the console
  • Incline intermittent
  • Belt is slipping on treadmill
  • Tension unable to be adjusted on exercycle
  • Belts or chains need lubrication
  • Hasn’t been serviced in the last 12 months
  • Error code is appearing

To talk to someone directly about your service or repair, call us on (09) 281 3541.

Just When We Thought We Have Seen Everything When It Came To Fitness Equipment Repair & Service !

This was a first ever.

After thousands of treadmills serviced by us our staff were amazed to open up a treadmill to find this!

In case you can’t work it out from the photo to the left (click on the image for a close up view) – these are dog biscuits that a rat had stolen from the dog bowl and hidden away inside the treadmill!

Needless to say the dog was very thin and the treadmill was no longer working!!

Get in touch about any repairs & servicing you need.