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Wanting to increase your fitness?

 Are you wanting to pick up your fitness?

Here are some top tips to take you from couch to 5K. If you’re already there – awesome! If not and fitness is on your mind – read on to find out how to bring 5Ks of fun into your life.

  • Take 10,000 steps – Working towards a 10,000 daily step count is a great place to start. Remember this doesn’t have to be achieved in one walk, it can be accumulated over the course of the day. Active choices like taking the stairs, standing instead of sitting, sometime on a treadmill and spending social time being active will help your fitness and help you get there.
  • Move more – Walking is good for your health, not just for calories burnt, but for fresh air, Vitamin D and mental health. Moving more will improve your biomechanics, core strength and energy and your body will thrive. Make time to get outside during your lunch break and energise your body by breathing fresh air into your cells.
  • Find balance – Wellness is built on four health essentials; movement, nutrition, sleep and happiness. Our happiness is essential to our success and it’s important to take a step back sometimes. Think about what makes you happy and invest time in pursuing it with your friends, your family and most importantly yourself.
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Common Fitness Workout Myths


Here is and interesting article on some good old  Fitness Workout Myths.

If you’ve been in to health and fitness industry for some time, you’ve surely heard numerous ‘rules’ and ‘techniques’ that you must oblige to in order to lose fat. The thing is, most of what you’ve been hearing is likely a MYTH! So today, here at Limitless, we will share with you a few common myths heard within the industry.


 Fitness Workout Myth 1: You have to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach – There’s no rule that states in order to lose fat you must arise at approximately 5am and train vigorously on an empty stomach. It’s all subjective. If you want to wake early and workout and you personally feel that your body responds best to this, then by all means keep at it! It shouldn’t matter when you exercise – just stick to exercising intensely and on a consistent basis and you’ll be sweet.


Fitness Workout Myth 2: You have to do cardio for at least 20 minutes to burn fat – There’s no magic number of minutes you must do cardio to burn fat. It’s as if they’re telling us nothing at all will happen before the 20 minute mark. What happens if I complete my cardio at 19 minutes and 59 seconds? Sounds silly right? What you should remember is that it’s primarily about calories in vs calories out. Heck, even in 10 minutes you could burn around 100 calories with the right intensity. So as long as you’re doing something, you will still be working towards burning off those calories.


Fitness Workout Myth 3: Drinking ice cold water will help you burn calories and fat – Drinking ice cold water isn’t going to burn any more calories than drinking room temperature water. It’s as simple as that. Don’t get me wrong, drinking water is great but the temperature of water doesn’t affect how many calories and fat you burn!


Fitness Workout Myth 4: Negative calorie food – A lot of people are led to believe that there are some foods, such as celery, that cause a ‘negative calorie’ response within your body (i.e. it uses more calories to digest the food than it provides). This is in fact a myth. Yes, celery is a very low calorie food, but there is to date, little to no scientific research around the said ‘negative calorie’ foods.

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Home Fitness – tired of the Treadmill?

Are you tired of running on the Treadmill? Needing a new challenge?

If so have you ever considered  changing your Home Fitness routine and taking part in a Fun Run or Walking Event?

There are many different events run in Auckland or the Auckland area which can challenge you to lift your home fitness goals and achievements.  As well as the obvious events such as the Auckland marathon there are other fitness challenges which may be worth you considering.

The wharf to wharf event is held annually on Waiheke and is a running, or walking event which covers about 25 kms from one end of the island to the other.

Details of this event are as follows:

Where :Wharf2Wharf Waiheke
When  :   16 January 2016
According to the locals, the challenging 25K run from Orapiu to Matiatia started in 1992 with around 200 runners and walkers. That’s 25 years and lots of feet pounding the roads.

Today, the Fullers Wharf2Wharf Fun Run incorporates 4 distances over different terrains for runners and walkers. Distances include 25km from Orapiu to Matiatia (with cash prizes), 13km from Orapiu to Onetangi, 12km from Onetangi to Matiatia, and 5km (for families) from Surfdale Beach to Matiatia.

See https://www.fullers.co.nz/news-events/Wharf2Wharf2016.php for more information if interested.

Challenge yours home fitness goals for this year. If you find you need to use a treadmill for part of the training but need a  particular size for training call us at fit2run and we can set you up with the right piece of hire equipment to help you achieve your goal.

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Exercise Equipment- why people Hire for home

Why do people choose to Hire  Exercise Equipment for  home use?

It’s always comes down to one of two things:


From our experience the main reasons people hire equipment are:

* We just want to be fit!
* But peoples  lives are often so busy now and we are often time poor so having a piece of exercise equipment at home really works time wise.
* We want to exercise but this needs to happen after getting home from work.
* Or, We have children at home and only get to exercise once the children are taken care of and are asleep.
* Or for some- particularly for the exercycle, its about rehabilitation needs and having a low impact efficient piece of exercise equipment for recovery.

Whatever the reasons it’s a great option for many.

Whatever your particular reason for looking to hire a piece of exercise equipment we at fit2run are happy to help you and to give you expert advice so that renting home exercise equipment is easy and effective. We are here to help you.

Call or email us today  on 09 281 3541, or info@fit2run.co.nz

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Workout Equipment for winter

Do you need to consider your home workout equipment for winter?

Winter has definitely arrived and with it the change to our fitness routines and this often means reconsidering what sort of workout equipment we have at home.

The goal is to work out how we can achieve inside the home on those cold or wet and dark evenings what we managing to achieve outside during long  summer months.

It could be that walking on a treadmill will maintain that walking jogging or running capacity , or maybe it will be hiring and using an elliptical cross trainer that is going to do the job to maintain a  steady home workout and good fitness levels over the colder  months. One of the main challenges with outdoors fitness routines is the shorter day.  For many it’s not such a great option to hit the streets while it’s dark, and even worse, wet.

Butwhat we do know is that if you are determined, as many of you are, then once you have the right workout equipment at home maintaining your fitness  goal is still very achievable and maintainable during the change of season.

Some people will be quite comfortable with different home gym winter options and  then there are others who are a little uncertain what might work best for them in terms of home equipment – whatever your situation we are happy to discuss  the best options with you and for you.

Call us on 09 2813541 and we can see what will help to keep you going over the winter months.

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What is a Cross Trainer?

A common question about the Cross trainers is what is it and what does it do?

Also why should I use a Cross trainer instead of an exercycle or a treadmill?

Cross trainers were designed to give the smooth low impact action of cycling and also the intensity of running but without the impact. Because they have an arm action as well as a leg action they are a great “cross training” piece of fitnesss equipment.

A Cross trainer like all other cadio equipment is primarily aimed at increasing your heart rate and as a result you burn calories at an increased rate, so a Cross trainer will help you loose body fat if used regularly 3-4 x per week for at least 30 minutes in connection with a balanced diet.

They are a very popular exercise machine in the gyms.

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Benefits of Keeping Your Workers Healthy Through Fitness

The benefits of having healthy fit workers has been highlighted in a recent article by Kinexa in the New Zealand Herald, May 2013.

It points out that research shows us that keeping fit and eating well not only benefits weight loss and good health, but also has decided benefits in increased productivity at work.

Employees who have a healthy diet and exercise at least 3 times a week show lower levels of absenteeism and greater job performance.

The study also found that employees who do not believe that there workplace supports them towards healthier living, experience a drop in productivity.

In our experience there are a number of businesses who are actively involved in healthy workplace promotion. These businesses often approach us looking for commercial fitness equipment such as an exercycle, treadmill or a rower, for hiring to support a Health promotion across the organisation. Well done to these health conscious businesses!

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Winter Fitness

With winter on its way there’s much more interest in setting up the fitness routine at home so that you maintain fitness over the winter months.

Treadmills are alway a popular rental over the winter. For those who are considering a really good all over workout hiring a rower may be another option. Rowers are a very low impact exercise choice that works efficiently to strengthen upper and lower body muscle groups. Why consider a rower?

  • Rowing exercises all of your major muscle groups: legs, arms, back, abdomen and buttocks.
  • Rowing exercises muscles through a wider range of motion than most other exercises. This means that your muscles stretch and your joints move to a greater extent, thereby promoting flexibility and mobility.
  • Rowing provides aerobic and anaerobic conditioning as well as strength conditioning.
  • Rowing is a great calorie burner. Recent studies show that rowing burns calories faster than biking at the same perceived level of exertion.
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Setting Weekly Goals

The trick to getting off to a good start with your training in a new year is to set realistic weekly goals, write them down and mark them off as you go along.

By doing this you have a better chance of continuing regular exercise because your fitness goals are achievable and you are accountable as well.

It doesnt matter what you do as long as you are training at least 3 times a week and also as the weeks go on you are increasing the duration and intensity.

So write down your weekly goals today and get started!

If you would like to change your routine by using a different piece of fitness equipment you can contact the friendly Fit2run team today to arrange an item of equipment to best suit your needs.

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Hire Equipment

Fitness Equipment Hire

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Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs

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