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Healthy Food Guide and Fit2run Fitness Equipment

Watch the fantastic new series where Fit2run Fitness Equipment supports a wonderful family who are taking part in the Healthy Food Guide Show.

 What  is the  relationship between Fit2run Fitness Equipment and food you may well wonder.  Coming to Choice TV  in May.

It’s no surprise to know that when considering overall health and wellbeing that where food may be the King of the show Fitness and Exercise is the queen!…as one gym aptly noted.

For most who are interested and engaged in looking after their general health there is no lack of consciousness that the total formula is a combination of factors.

We are always pleased to support such great programs such as the healthy food guide which encourages us to keep improving our well being.

Fit2run fitness equipment is often used for such purposes.

Congratulations to the family involved in the show for such a huge effort and watch this space to see how their journey to obtain health unfolds.

To get a bit of a taste of what’s coming click on the link below.



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Exercise Machines Testimonial

Testimonial from one client hiring one of our  Exercise Machines.

“Hopefully  we will deal with you guys again soon.  I very much recommend you to all the ladies that come through and are interested in hiring equipment to help them”

We do love to hear great feedback such as this one which we received recently from a client who rented one of our exercise machines  to use in her studio – This machine was successfully used by a large range of clients attending the studio.

Fit2run holds an excellent range of equipment and rent out exercise machines for:

* Home  Gym use

* Studios who use fitness equipment

*  Commercial Gyms who need equipment

* Gyms in Apartment Blocks,

* Gyms in Hospitals and Rehabilitation facilities,

*  Schools  and Churches

*  Sports and Rowing clubs

*   and to Cruise Ships!

It’s amazing how widely exercise machines are used!  Do you have  a particular need or piece of equipment you are looking for. Chances are that we can help you due to the diverse nature of involvement in the fitness industry. What we do promise is that if we can help you get sorted and up and running we will!

People will often call us to discuss their needs so don’t worry if it seems that your need is a bit particular.

Feel free to call us on 09 2813541 to see how we can get the right piece of fitness equipment to meet your specific needs.

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Home fitness equipment survey results

Home Fitness Equipment tested

Tests of 40 home exercise equipment machines

According to the survey carried out below by consumer, on home fitness equipment,  we at fit2run hit the mark by carrying all of the equipment mentioned and used widely in the market.

“Thinking about cancelling that gym membership and  getting your own  equipment /  working out at home? You’re not alone. Industry analysts say that gym memberships peaked at 42.7 million in 2006, have slipped slightly since, and are expected by some to decline further in these recessionary times. But sales of home exercise equipment, including treadmills, elliptical exercisers and stationary bikes, have continued to grow in recent years.

We trotted, plodded, and pedaled on 40 machines including treadmills, elliptical exercisers, and stationary bikes, testing for exercise range, ergonomics, construction, safety, and more.

“The top one is the one you enjoy because if you enjoy it, you’ll use it more frequently,” says Christina A. Geithner, a professor of exercise science at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash.

That’s helpful information, considering that 37 percent of Consumer Reports subscribers used their home exercise equipment less frequently than they expected, according to a survey in 2007 by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Treadmills are the most popular, commanding about 55 percent of the home fitness equipment market. Running is the gold standard for cardiorespiratory fitness, but elliptical exercisers and stationary bikes might help strengthen your legs, hips, and glutes more than running because you can ramp up the resistance to work your muscles harder.

A workout on an elliptical exerciser is a good choice for those with joint problems or extra weight. Those machines can also help you improve balance. And they have one advantage that most treadmills don’t offer: the ability to work out in reverse, which stimulates the muscles differently, Geithner says.

There are two kinds of stationary bikes. The traditional upright type resembles a regular bicycle; a recumbent bike has back support. They provide similar workouts, though Geithner says an upright might work your glutes better because you can fully extend your hips. Because body weight is supported, both types are options for people who have difficulty with balance or have lower-limb injuries. A recumbent might be more comfortable for those with back problems.”

Posted: December 2008 — Consumer Reports Magazine issue: February 2009
Call us now on 281 3541 to get your home fitness equipment in place. We can help.
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Gym Equipment customers, suppliers, staff.

To our great Gym Equipment clients. It’s the time of year when we look back at all the great people we have  rented fitness equipment  to, serviced fitness equipment for,  and helped out in other and sometimes very entertaining  ways  and we say “THANKS”.

Thanks to all our great customers, suppliers, staff and many others who have been part of the fit2run year.

As all small businesses do, we also appreciate some of the lovely feedback received and we look forward to helping you out in the future if we can. We pride ourselves on being highly experienced stockists of quality gym equipment for  home rental but more than this we believe customer service is  of primary importance.

Our customers often say that dealing with fit2run is so easy to do and that they look forward to hiring exercise equipment from us in the future.

Our latest feedback:

“I have really enjoyed doing business with you, your prompt responses and friendly service-with-a-smile have been most appreciated!”

Wishing all of you a very happy, fun and safe holiday season.  

Keep up your fitness program but take the time to enjoy the holidays wherever you my be.  And if the worst comes to the worst we are always here to help you get back on track with the wide range of fitness equipment for hire.

The fit2run team


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We have just added some new EXERCISE BIKES to our stock for rental, hire or purchasing.

Exercise bikes remain one of the best products for  rental equipment. We at fit2run are very particular about the quality of our exercycles.

First and foremost we recognise the importance of making sure the exercycles are easy to use, adjustable, comfortable and particularly well balanced. There is nothing worse than getting on and off a bike and finding that it is unstable!

As  fitness equipment experts we know what people need when it comes to  exercise bikes and what to suggest that will meet your needs.


We are alway very happy to have a good chat to our customers and this is so important when it comes to making sure you are going to get what is the right piece of fitness equipment for your needs and for your safety.

This is particularly important if you are using something like an exercise bike after some sort of injury or surgery. We assist many people who are looking at knee replacements and post operative recovery.

If you are interested to talk a little more with us feel free to call us any time  and we will talk you through the different options for rent or sale.


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Hire Equipment

Fitness Equipment Hire

To hire all you need to do is fill in your details or give us a call.

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Our goal is to keep you fit at home.

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Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs

We offer free servicing to all equipment hired from us.

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Read the latest tips, advice, and company updates from us.

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At fit2run we are committed to making fitness equipment hire and service easy. Enjoy these youtube presentations in which we guide you through:

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