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Exercise Bikes. What are they best used for?

Exercise Bikes are increasingly in demand as the population and demographics of Auckland changes.

Riding exercise bikes works out your hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and quadriceps. …  The difference between upright stationary bikes and recumbent exercycles is that on a recumbent bike, your legs are primarily responsible for powering the machine, but on an upright bike, your core and upper body share the work load with your legs. This is an excellent way to regain or retain low impact fitness.  Plus has the added benefit of calorie burning . A half hour on a stationary bicycle helps up your daily calorie burn.

What to look for in exercise bikes:

Look to make sure there is an adjustable seat both up and down and back and forwards.

Look to see that the exercycle is stable and that you can get on and off with ease.

Sit on the exercise bikes to find one that has a comfortable seat.

The goal is to feel comfortable and make the exercise as stress free as you can by having the right bike and the set up as ergonomically correct as can be.

Good cycling!



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The EXERCISE BIKE is often considered  an option for home fitness routines.  Why are they so popular?

(Consumer 2014) noted that  cycling provides  both a convenient cardiovascular workout as well as an excellent low impact option for home exercise maintenance.

In fact experts  go on to say that  the Exercise Bike is a powerful tool to help you improve your fitness level.  And that even  a short sessions can be beneficial, according to numerous studies.

Sometimes called stationary bikes the exercise bike provides the cardiovascular benefits of pedaling a bicycle without going outside.  It has the advantage of cycling without the traffic, the uneven road surfaces, and the weather.

It has the added advantage of getting an effective aerobic workout with minimal joint strain.  This is very important for many who are recovering from a previous injury, surgery or muscular weakness.

There are THREE MAIN STYLES of  exercycle re:

The Upright bike,

The  “spin” bike

and The Recumbent.

They all have different advantages and styles for cycling which we can discus with you if you are unclear as to the best option for your home fitness routine.

At fit2run we stock  all of the above exercycles in our  equipment range and can advise you on the best option for your needs.  Call us to arrange exercise bike hire or to   discuss your best options.

Phone  Auckland  09 281 3541.


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We have just added some new EXERCISE BIKES to our stock for rental, hire or purchasing.

Exercise bikes remain one of the best products for  rental equipment. We at fit2run are very particular about the quality of our exercycles.

First and foremost we recognise the importance of making sure the exercycles are easy to use, adjustable, comfortable and particularly well balanced. There is nothing worse than getting on and off a bike and finding that it is unstable!

As  fitness equipment experts we know what people need when it comes to  exercise bikes and what to suggest that will meet your needs.


We are alway very happy to have a good chat to our customers and this is so important when it comes to making sure you are going to get what is the right piece of fitness equipment for your needs and for your safety.

This is particularly important if you are using something like an exercise bike after some sort of injury or surgery. We assist many people who are looking at knee replacements and post operative recovery.

If you are interested to talk a little more with us feel free to call us any time  and we will talk you through the different options for rent or sale.


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