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Concept 2 Rower Hire Auckland

At fit2run we specialise in Concept 2 Rower Hire in Auckland. Why?

For anyone who rows at a rowing club or a fitness centre it’s most probable that the only rowing machine you will come across are the Concept 2 rowing machines. These are what most clubs will use.

Having said that there are a number of other options out there. There are water rowing machines which have a totally different mechanism. There are also a wide range of other rowing machines out there from different suppliers.

The rowing machine as a piece of fitness equipment is widely used and is a highly effective low impact workout for both upper and lower body.

And it goes without saying that rowing is of course is a sport which stands alone in it’s own right as we well know from the NZ teams amazing results at the Rio Olympics and with previous successes by our world class rowing team.

People do ask what the difference is between the models of the rowers that we stock. We can discuss this with you when you call or email.

As always we are happy to help you with getting the outcome from your training that you are looking for by matching you with the best piece of fitness equipment for your needs.

Happy rowing from the fit2run team.

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Great Feedback after Home Gym installed for TV Show

Watch the unfolding story as the Parkinson Family receives a fit2run Home Gym on Choice TV    Thursday  8.30pm.

The Tv Production company comment…..

“Our friends at Fit2Run have had a massive impact on our Healthy Food Guide family’s story. Nicki’s health and fitness journey is making great progress, having her own home gym has been an invaluable support so far – thanks to Fit2Run! ”


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Our friends at Fit2Run have had a massive impact on our Healthy Food Guide family’s story. Nicki’s health and fitness journey is making great progress, having her own home gym has been an invaluable support so far – thanks to Fit2Run!


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Why Hire a Rower?

Why Hire a  Rower?


What are the other  advantages of hiring a rower? In general people hire a rower because they recognise that it is a great form of upper body as well as lower body workout.  It is also a low impact form of exercise if used correctly. We have written an article in another post which guides you in the correct way to use a rower for this who are looking for this sort of information.

But there is no question that  a rowing machine can provide that all round fitness that people look for.

Fit2run holds both Model C and Model D  Concept 2 rowing machines in their range.  We have just added some more Model D, Concept 2 rowers to our fitness equipment range so if you are looking at rowing over the winter and want to consider to hire a rower, the friendly team at Fit2Run can help.

Concept 2 has this to say about the benefits of rowing:

Involvement of many muscle groups – Rowing uses upper body, lower body and core muscle groups, thereby creating a large demand for calories. In addition, muscles continue to burn extra calories for a while after you finish exercising. The more muscles you use in your exercise, the more muscles will continue to burn these extra calories.

Strength as well as cardiovascular exercise – In addition to being a terrific cardiovascular exercise, rowing will also build your strength. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the better off you will be in terms of calorie-burning.

Smooth, impact-free exercise – The smooth rhythmic nature of the rowing motion, and the lack of pounding and impact, make rowing the kind of exercise that you can do for the rest of your life. If you have old injuries, or joint problems, rowing is an excellent choice of exercise. You can also do longer workouts with rowing than with some other forms of exercise which are harder on the body. The longer you work out at any given level of exertion, the more calories you will burn.

We currently have rowers  in stock.

Call us  now  on 09 2813541 to discuss or hire a rower..

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Treadmills Serviced – Amazing discoveries!

Read this for a good laugh!
This was a first ever. After thousands of treadmills serviced by us our staff were amazed to open up a treadmill to find this! In case you can’t work it out from the photo this is dog biscuits that a rat had stolen from the dog and hidden away inside a treadmill! Needless to say the dog was very thin and the treadmill was no longer working!!

Image may contain: shoes and indoor
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Home Gym Machines- try at the expo this weekend

Are you looking for a great Home Gym Machine?  We have some great options on display this weekend, May 20/21st at the Healthy Food Live Expo.






Or get one weeks free hire when you hire one of our Power Plates, treadmills, exercycles, rowing machines or ellipticals.

Check out the show below

We look forward to seeing you there. Come in and chat with us for some great tips and advice and just to meet up with the team.  If nothing else you will get to see and play on some exciting Home Gym Machine Equipment.
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Healthy Food Guide and Fit2run Fitness Equipment

Watch the fantastic new series where Fit2run Fitness Equipment supports a wonderful family who are taking part in the Healthy Food Guide Show.

 What  is the  relationship between Fit2run Fitness Equipment and food you may well wonder.  Coming to Choice TV  in May.

It’s no surprise to know that when considering overall health and wellbeing that where food may be the King of the show Fitness and Exercise is the queen!…as one gym aptly noted.

For most who are interested and engaged in looking after their general health there is no lack of consciousness that the total formula is a combination of factors.

We are always pleased to support such great programs such as the healthy food guide which encourages us to keep improving our well being.

Fit2run fitness equipment is often used for such purposes.

Congratulations to the family involved in the show for such a huge effort and watch this space to see how their journey to obtain health unfolds.

To get a bit of a taste of what’s coming click on the link below.



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Exercise Bikes. What are they best used for?

Exercise Bikes are increasingly in demand as the population and demographics of Auckland changes.

Riding exercise bikes works out your hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and quadriceps. …  The difference between upright stationary bikes and recumbent exercycles is that on a recumbent bike, your legs are primarily responsible for powering the machine, but on an upright bike, your core and upper body share the work load with your legs. This is an excellent way to regain or retain low impact fitness.  Plus has the added benefit of calorie burning . A half hour on a stationary bicycle helps up your daily calorie burn.

What to look for in exercise bikes:

Look to make sure there is an adjustable seat both up and down and back and forwards.

Look to see that the exercycle is stable and that you can get on and off with ease.

Sit on the exercise bikes to find one that has a comfortable seat.

The goal is to feel comfortable and make the exercise as stress free as you can by having the right bike and the set up as ergonomically correct as can be.

Good cycling!



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World Masters Games Auckland 2017

Congratulations to all who are involved in the world Masters Games.

As well as approximately 30,000 competitors there are 4,00 volunteers involved in this program.

The World Masters Games is the world’s largest multi-sport event. Held every four years, it is the pinnacle sporting event for masters competitors worldwide. In supporting the Olympic Games ethos of ‘sport for all’,  the goal of the World Masters Games is to encourage participation in sport throughout life. Competition and camaraderie are equally celebrated.

Every four years, the International Masters Games Association, the representative body of masters sport worldwide, grants to one special city the rights to host the next Games. The first ever Games were held in Toronto, Canada in 1985. Since then seven other cities have embraced the global event including Sydney in 2009 and Torino in 2013.

Two of the philosophies of the Masters Games are to promote friendship and understanding, along with competition, between mature sports people regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sport status. This unique spirit will be very much alive in 2017 when Auckland, New Zealand becomes the latest home to this hugely exciting global sporting event.

Wanting to find out more…. Click here


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Wanting to increase your fitness?

 Are you wanting to pick up your fitness?

Here are some top tips to take you from couch to 5K. If you’re already there – awesome! If not and fitness is on your mind – read on to find out how to bring 5Ks of fun into your life.

  • Take 10,000 steps – Working towards a 10,000 daily step count is a great place to start. Remember this doesn’t have to be achieved in one walk, it can be accumulated over the course of the day. Active choices like taking the stairs, standing instead of sitting, sometime on a treadmill and spending social time being active will help your fitness and help you get there.
  • Move more – Walking is good for your health, not just for calories burnt, but for fresh air, Vitamin D and mental health. Moving more will improve your biomechanics, core strength and energy and your body will thrive. Make time to get outside during your lunch break and energise your body by breathing fresh air into your cells.
  • Find balance – Wellness is built on four health essentials; movement, nutrition, sleep and happiness. Our happiness is essential to our success and it’s important to take a step back sometimes. Think about what makes you happy and invest time in pursuing it with your friends, your family and most importantly yourself.
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Common Fitness Workout Myths


Here is and interesting article on some good old  Fitness Workout Myths.

If you’ve been in to health and fitness industry for some time, you’ve surely heard numerous ‘rules’ and ‘techniques’ that you must oblige to in order to lose fat. The thing is, most of what you’ve been hearing is likely a MYTH! So today, here at Limitless, we will share with you a few common myths heard within the industry.


 Fitness Workout Myth 1: You have to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach – There’s no rule that states in order to lose fat you must arise at approximately 5am and train vigorously on an empty stomach. It’s all subjective. If you want to wake early and workout and you personally feel that your body responds best to this, then by all means keep at it! It shouldn’t matter when you exercise – just stick to exercising intensely and on a consistent basis and you’ll be sweet.


Fitness Workout Myth 2: You have to do cardio for at least 20 minutes to burn fat – There’s no magic number of minutes you must do cardio to burn fat. It’s as if they’re telling us nothing at all will happen before the 20 minute mark. What happens if I complete my cardio at 19 minutes and 59 seconds? Sounds silly right? What you should remember is that it’s primarily about calories in vs calories out. Heck, even in 10 minutes you could burn around 100 calories with the right intensity. So as long as you’re doing something, you will still be working towards burning off those calories.


Fitness Workout Myth 3: Drinking ice cold water will help you burn calories and fat – Drinking ice cold water isn’t going to burn any more calories than drinking room temperature water. It’s as simple as that. Don’t get me wrong, drinking water is great but the temperature of water doesn’t affect how many calories and fat you burn!


Fitness Workout Myth 4: Negative calorie food – A lot of people are led to believe that there are some foods, such as celery, that cause a ‘negative calorie’ response within your body (i.e. it uses more calories to digest the food than it provides). This is in fact a myth. Yes, celery is a very low calorie food, but there is to date, little to no scientific research around the said ‘negative calorie’ foods.

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Hire Equipment

Fitness Equipment Hire

To hire all you need to do is fill in your details or give us a call.

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Our goal is to keep you fit at home.

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Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs

We offer free servicing to all equipment hired from us.

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